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My Version Of … “The REAL Story About How To Make Money Online”

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April 19, 2013
1 Key To Making Money Online
April 22, 2013

Making “Real” Money Online Is No Easy Task!

Let me begin by saying this is the first post of a multi-part blog series, one that will document in great detail the untold truths about making money online.

One more point to make … despite what you may have been told or seen on the Internet, there are NO EASY BUTTONS or PUSH BUTTON systems that you can purchase for a few dollars and make thousands of dollars overnight – they do NOT exist!  For the sake of your money, please do NOT be fooled by these deceitful sales tactics!

Ok now that we have that out of the way … I want to begin with my personal story about how I got into this game.

In late 2008 I decided I was going to pursue the internet lifestyle … I even purchased this website: … which is apparently still live on the internet.  LOL -today is the first time I have looked at the site in more than 3 years … go check it out, there are a few blog posts on there that document my very first week online (boy are they hilarious to me now)

Anyway it was during this time that I went to a good buddy of mine, someone who was making very BIG MONEY in the Internet Marketing space, to ask if he would mentor me.  He agreed and proceeded to tell me what he promised was the secret to making hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits every single month … I was all ears!

The secret is very simple he said, “there are only 2 things you need to focus on:


When I said, ok that sounds awesome -what products should I focus on.  He replied, “the product does not matter!”  After 3 or 4 meetings he said he could no longer mentor me because I continued to ask him about which products he was profiting from and which ones I should focus on.

It didn’t take me very long to realize that his big secret was a big incomplete formula.  Yes, TRAFFIC may ultimately be the most important piece to the formula, and Yes the product doesn’t seem to be overly important … However, these two things by themselves is like having a car engine and some gasoline with no other car parts, you won’t get anywhere!

For example the product has to sit on the internet somewhere (ie. Website).  So without a website you don’t really have the ability to sell anything.  No problem, most affiliate sites have their own web pages and all you have to is drive traffic to their pages (PERFECT -So I thought).  For the most part, you can NOT drive traffic to a landing page or direct sales page!

So back to the drawing board.  No worries, you can use email to drive traffic to the affiliate product .. but most of us don’t have a list when we start out AND since we can’t drive traffic to a landing page or squeeze page to build a list we have no list and once again have no ability to sell something (ie. Make Money Online).

Now fortunately there is no shortage of so-called Internet Marketers “Guru’s” selling magic formulas, blueprints for making products and for product launches, million dollar easy button systems, how to make money online systems, etc…

As someone who has spent well over $10,000 on systems, formulas, potions, buttons, etc… let me tell you something — a few of them have proven to be excellent pieces to the puzzle, while NONE of them have proven to be of any value or profits.

Which is why I have decided to publish this blog series for anyone and everyone out there who has ever considered what it would be like to earn money online while traveling the world or living on a private beach somewhere  … this series will document “honestly & transparently” the personal journey I have been on since late 2008.

Before I end this post, let me give you a sneak peak what you can expect in the next couple of posts …

  • The big “C” -what is it, why is it super important and why wil you not make any money without mastering it
  • Understanding the “product funnel”
  • Understanding the different types of products

Ok that’s it for today – you can continue onto the next post in the series here: 1 Key To Making Money Online