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The BIG Decision!
April 26, 2013
Uncovering Hidden Profits In Your Business
May 14, 2013

Just because you own a business, doesn’t mean you actually own a business?

This is very important for you to understand.

As a business consultant I speak to dozens of business owners, sometimes hundreds of them each and every month, most are Entrepreneur’s, and most of them tell me they are stuck working crazy hours and have no time and very little money.

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What I have found is … most of them have simply created a “job” for themselves.

Michael Gerber, talks about this in his book “the E-Myth” … he says that we need to work “on our business” vs’ working “in our business”.  When you spend all of your time working “in” your business you become the technician and will limit the growth of your business that may not give you the business or life you dreamed of when starting out.

I must admit, I made this very mistake, but after reading the e-Myth books I shifted my focus to working “on” my business.  But let’s be clear, sometimes as an Entrepreneur just starting out we must do both!  Again … a lesson I learned the hard way.  You just can’t go from working “in” to working “on” without having proper Sales & Marketing Systems & Processes in place, because if you do, you will fail much quicker than the slow painful death of working in your business.

The irony is … most Entrepreneur’s know exactly what they need to to and should do, but our desire to control everything tends to get in our way.  The belief that we can do it better gets in our way, so we never end up hiring someone and when we do often times we make a bad hire OR worse we micro manage the employee to a point they aren’t able to shine and ultimately they leave us.

Some signs that you have a “job” not a “business” are …

  • If you stop working, your income stops flowing in
  • You have no time or to little time to enjoy friends, family and life
  • You spend most of your day / week reacting to the needs of others
  • You trade hours for dollars exclusively
  • You spend countless hours in traffic daily going to/from a 9-5 cubicle / office
  • You have to be present to deliver your product / service
  • You have no way to scale your business – meaning you have no more time for new business

For me personally, I have learned the key to moving away from the job I had built myself to turning my job into a real business has been in developing proper Sales & Marketing Systems & Processes to allow me to ..

  • automate internal communications: creating/assigning tasks, 
  • automate outbound communication to prospects, customers and clients
  • automate the delivery of my products & services without the need for me to be present
  • automate parts of my sales & marketing cycles

Ultimately, I have found freedom in the systems & processes …

… though they were painstakingly difficult for me to develop I continue to tweak them and build new ones to address problems in my business so that I can scale my business to provide the level of income I desire.

After spending 12 years building multiple Real Estate Businesses (aka. “JOBS”) I retired from RE and began building a business (aka “JOB”) in the Internet Marketing world which morphed into a Business Consulting Business (aka “JOB”), then I stumbled onto a piece of software built for small business!

So I purchased the software and began using it immediately, nearly 18 months later I discovered something that opened my eyes … it was the turning point, or the aha moment, that literally helped me start the transition of working my “JOB” to building my “Business”.  What I discovered was this … the software is ONLY valuable if you have “Sales & Marketing Systems & Processes in place”

TIP … most Entrepreneur’s and Businesses do NOT have any Sales & Marketing Systems or Processes in place (do you?)

If you are struggling to free yourself from a 9-5 Job or a Job that you have built for yourself, use the form below and let’s setup a time to talk!

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