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Do you have one or more of these 4 problems in your business?

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May 14, 2013
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January 9, 2014

4 Common Business Problems and Solutions …

Business is just not the same as it once used to be!  A few years ago I heard marketing legend, Dan Kennedy, say “your business is no different than any other business”.  I must admit when I heard this I thought to myself, this guy is a pompous ass.  Looking back on it, I now believe he is correct.

4 Common Business Problems and Solutions

After all every business I know has the same goals and challenges.  The over simplistic assessment is that we all want more clients/revenue and we feel like we don’t have enough time or resources to do what we love.

I hate it when people gloss over details that are creating a roadblock for me so I don’t want to be that person for you … here are the most common problems I hear and see business owners facing.  I hope that none of these are issues for you, but if they are I hope you find some value in this post.

4 Common Problems and The Solutions For Each …

PROBLEM:  Your website is not converting leads!

SOLUTION:  the first question to answer is “Is your site currently getting unique “new” visitors every day?”  This is important because if your site has no traffic or very little traffic then you need to focus on getting traffic to your site.  However if  your site does have traffic but is not converting leads you need to first make sure you have lead magnets or buy now buttons.

PROBLEM:  No traffic to your website!

SOLUTION: Getting traffic is probably the simplest problem to overcome, but it takes money or time and sometimes both.  Assuming your site is loaded with quality content and is setup to capture leads or sell something the quickest option is to setup PPC Ad Campaigns on Google, Bing and Facebook.  Now there are dozens of tactics to get FREE TRAFFIC to your website, but they all require a ton of content and time.  If you don’t have a budget but do have a great site with quality content, the best tactic would be to be active in Social Networking Groups and Forums, plus real life networking.  **However, let me caution you …. if your site is not setup to capture leads I would not advise spending money to get traffic!  –

PROBLEM: Not enough new customers

SOLUTION:  This typically comes down to one of the following:  more or better marketing / more or better traffic to your site / improve the conversions on your site (aka.  Copywriting)

PROBLEM:  Not sure how to generate more income

SOLUTION:  Let me start by saying “more customers” isn’t always the best solution.  Sometimes it just makes more sense to increase the value being provided so that you can increase profits per customer.  Sometimes you just need to raise prices

In my experience, business owners don’t really care about the tools (aka. Facebook, Email Marketing, WordPress, Video, etc…) they just want to make more money, decrease expenses and find more time to do what they really love.  Yet unfortunately most business owners tell me they feel trapped in their own “business” … with no extra time or money 🙁

My passion in life is helping business owners and fellow entrepreneur’s design the life they want and then start living it

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