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About Me

Who Is Drew Burks?

Drew is first and most importantly, a husband, father of 2 amazing boys, and dog lover!

Drew founded his first Internet Company in 2000, a company that provided high speed internet services to multi-family residential properties nationwide. Poised to go public, then the dot com market crashed, so Drew sold the company to a larger bandwidth provider.

He then opened a successful Real Estate Brokerage in downtown San Diego. He was awarded the prestigious Real Estate Broker of the Year Award after being in business only 2 years. In 2009 Drew decided to pursue the world of Internet Marketing.
The world of internet marketing became a full time obsession for Drew in 2010 when he used a webinar to generate a little over $10,000 in sales of his first ever training course. After that Drew went onto create multiple digital products and generate a full time income selling them via webinars.

In late 2012, Drew started a consulting firm to design and implement Infusionsoft for Entrepreneurs and Business owners. He has built automated Infusionsoft campaign funnels for Business Professionals ranging from Doctors, Sales Coaches, Business Coaches, Health Coaches, Real Estate Companies, Fitness Companies, Celebrities and several Startup Companies. Many of which continue to generate multiple 6 and 7 figure revenues.

In October of 2014 Drew designed and launched a automated webinar campaign that did over $220,000 in the first ten days …and has continued to consistently generate 6-figures every month for the past 22 months (to the tune of $3.6 Million and growing)

A huge key to his success has been his focus on webinars and the back end “automation” of marketing funnels. Drew has the unique ability to design and build automated marketing campaigns that convert clicks into customers.

Drew is very passionate about helping entrepreneurs design Lifestyle Businesses that provide them with Time Freedom to enjoy life.

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